Saucony Men’s Progrid Kinvara 2 Running Shoe Review

Saucony Men’s Progrid Kinvara 2 Running Shoe Review

The market for men’s running shoes is flooded with plenty of great options for any exercise enthusiast, so finding the best running shoe can be difficult. With different components and prices for every shoe, finding the right option can take some diligent research and trials. Saucony has consistently produced some of the better shoes available, and their Progrid Kinvara 2 is no different.

Saucony Men’s Progrid Kinvara

There are a few key components to the Saucony Progrid Kinvara 2 that makes it a suitable contender for one of the best running shoes for men today. One of the highlighted components to this shoe is its lightweight flexibility. Weighing just 7.7 ounces, Saucony, and many of the shoe’s reviewers, have claimed that wearing the Progrid Kinvara 2 feels as close to having nothing on as possible.

Along with its lightweight feel, the feel of the shoe provides for even more comfort, as it conforms to the shape of the feet by hugging it in a slim style grip from toe to heel. As the Progrid Kinvara 2 is made of mesh and lightweight synthetic, the shoe conforms to the foot as the runner moves, making it flexible and free moving. As one happy customer noted, the shoe is so light and flexible that it feels like wearing a snug sock instead of a running shoe.

The Progrid Kinvara 2 also has a more form fitting midsole, supported by extra cushioning. Saucony added this specifically for extra responsive strides, so there’s an additional bounce for each step, providing a suitable flow to the running experience. More than that, multiple users have cited that the shoe grips considerably well on just about any surface, while also providing a breathable atmosphere for the foot due to the mesh material. In terms of function, the Progrid Kinvara 2 stands as a solid contender for the best running shoe, as it adapts to any runner’s foot and any running style. It can take one a woodsy trail just as well as a manmade track, with plenty of support and flexibility as well.

Even with all of this though, perhaps the best part of the Saucony Progrid Kinvara 2 is the price. While this running shoe seems like one of the optimal choices for any runner, it can be bought for as low as $50 (depending on style). A quality shoe of this caliber will usually come in upwards of $150, so the Progrid Kinvara 2 isn’t just a good bargain, it’s practically a steal. And with so many color options to choose from, like a neutral white and black or a vibrant yellow and orange, the Progrid Kinvara 2 is a highly suitable shoe for just about every runner out there.

While many companies claim to produce the best running shoes on the market, Saucony has created quite the contender with the Progrid Kinvara 2. As it provides a great running experience with awesome style and a stellar price, this shoe might just take the cake. As many purchaser have praised this shoe for its flexibility and durability, the Progrid Kinvara 2 is definitely worth a look for any running enthusiasts.

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